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Restaurants & Lounge

  • Sherwood Garden Restaurant

    Buffet RestaurantSherwood Garden Restaurant

    Named after the formal Victorian garden visible from its windows, this restaurant offers a broad assortment of dishes in buffet style. A chef will also be available to personally serve Guests the specialty of the day. There's a buffet counter for children that is lower than the regular buffet counters for their convenience. During lunch and dinner hours, children can place their food choices on specially-designed Mickey Mouse plates.

    Hours Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Type of Service Buffet
    Children's Menu Yes
  • Empire Grill

    The Essence of Stylish CuisineCANNA

    Featuring a sophisticated contemporary interior using the lily-like, red canna flower as a design motif, this restaurant offers full-course meals with a creative flair that are both healthy and delicious. Special attention is also paid to bringing out the natural and delicate taste of the ingredients.

    Hours Lunch, Dinner
    Type of Service Table Service
    Children's Menu Yes
  • Dreamers Lounge

    Lobby LoungeDreamers Lounge

    Located in the bright, spacious Atrium Lobby, this lounge offers beverages and light meals in an elegant and stylish setting reminiscent of the good old Victorian era. Breakfast is served in buffet style.

    Hours Breakfast (Buffet), Lunch, Dinner
    Type of Service Table Service
    Children's Menu Yes